just how much money will all of this cost me?

This is a reasonable question and in an effort to be as transparent as possible with our pricing please use the following as a rough guide. Please remember that each web project is different so prices will differ from project to project.

We offer a substantial discount for the design and development of charity websites (non profit websites included). We also offer free training for the management of charity websites once live. Please contact us for more details.

New Website Builds

single page website (no flash or multimedia) – a single page website offers am economical entry point to having a web presence (includes one year of hosting). £99
three page website (no flash or multimedia) – this allows for a front page, a content/product page and a dedicated contact form (includes one year of hosting). £199
five page website (no flash or multimedia) – 4 pages plus a contact form (includes one year of hosting). £279
five page website with Flash or Ajax interaction (such as a slideshow, video or animated page elements. Includes one year of hosting) £499

Banner & Ad Creation

static website banner £79
animated flash or gif banner £149
animated flash or gif advert £149
website logo £149

Search Engine Optimisation

Current Live Site – An analysis of your site, your competitors sites are conducted to establish your current position and attractiveness to search engines based on a number of different search terms. A 12 month plan is then devised with a number of goals which are closely monitored over the period with amendments made when required. £999
New Site Build – the above 12 month plan can be bolted onto a new website build (that we are building on your behalf) for a great saving. £499
Site Report – we can conduct site analysis of a current live site which will identify how the site is performing based upon a number of different search terms. The sites content will also be placed under the microscope with recommendations made upon areas where improvements can be made. £199

Search Engine marketing

New Campaigns – 8 week new campaign. This will cover the daily monitoring of the campaign with tweaks made when necessary. A fund is agreed for the total cost of the campaign at the start with limits to daily spending set. £199 (plus the cost of adverts)

Online Shop Creation (e-commerce)

An online store with approx 30 products (includes one year of hosting). £699

Now £499

Content Management System (CMS)

Set up and templating of a CMS (includes one year of hosting). £699

Additional Services

We can also offer services such as blog creation and management (excellent for helping with site ranking and customer service) POA
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