Flash can dramatically improve the interactivity of your web site.

It is estimated that the Adobe Flash player is installed on approximate 98% of all internet connected computers. This makes it by far the most popular way to add multimedia interactivity to a web site.

Careful use of Flash can be used to take the end user experience to the next level by engaging with interactive elements. These elements could consist of animations or games.

Flash is also the most popular way of adding video to a website (at least until HTML5 browser support becomes more popular). Interactivity can bring a site to life by allowing visitors to engage with the content.

The above simple banner is transformed by the use of Flash. TheĀ  banner reacts when the mouse pointer is moved over. Although the effect is very subtle it automatically makes the banner interesting.

Flash is often used for the creation of on-line games which makes it an ideal platform for creating interesting marketing material.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the creation of Flash elements for your website. Please see our price guide for cost estimates.

All of the elements in the above Flash banner were hand-crafted to give a completely unique feel for this particular Flash animation.

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