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We are proud to offer support for the new html5 video standard.

We offer site builds that support a full range of video formats including support for html5. This allows for video to be played within a supporting browser without relying upon the Adobe Flash plug-in.

Not all browsers fully support html5 (most notably internet explorer but support has been promised for the upcoming  internet explorer 9) and those that do support different video codecs. To combat this any video services offered by East Sussex Design will automatically detect the correct codec or fall back to Flash if a browser without support is detected allowing for a seamless user experience for your site visitors.

Current browser support is as follow:

VIDEO           Flash   H.264   Ogg Theora
                .flv     .m4v      .ogv
Firefox 3.6      -          -        X
Safari 4.0       -          X        -
Chrome 4.0       -          X        X
Other (Flash)    X          X        -
Flash is supported on all the above browsers but requires a plug-in.

Please contact us for details.

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