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we now offer html5 website designEast Sussex Design is happy to announce that we are now offering a HTML5 website design service. If you would like your website to be built using the new and soon to be ratified HTML5 standard then you simply need to mention this when requesting a quote.

HTML5 website design for the same price!

The good news is that will not be charging any extra for you to have your site built using HTML5. We will build a standard website with full HTML5 and CSS3 support for exactly the same price that we charge for a standard HTML4 or XHTML website.

If you want any extras such as taking advantage of some of the advanced iPad features then we will happily quote for that as well.

We also offer a HTML5 conversion service for anyone who would like a current website brought up to the latest standard. Contact us for more information

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  1. August 26th, 2010 | marcus says:

    Hello, I have two websites that I am eager to update to html5. One is a brochure type site which is comprised of approximately 50 pages and the other is a review site which is built on WordPress. Can both sites be updated?

  2. August 26th, 2010 | Andy says:


    Thanks for the very good question. As it stands WordPress does not support the full HTML5 standard. It is possible to create a template that validates as HTML5 however it will not be harnessing the true power of HTML5. Lets hope this is something that changes over the next year or so.

    The ‘brochure’ site however sounds like a very good candidate and if you email a link to the site I will get you a quote 🙂

    Please let me know if you are targeting any particular platform such as the iPad as I can then provide you a tiered quote with a few bells and whistles added on.

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