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HTML5 has been getting a fair bit of news recently thanks to Apple who are championing this new standard whilst refusing to allow Flash onto their popular iPhone and iPad devices.

So what exactly is HTML5 and is this an important consideration of future website design? Well HTML5 is being developed as the next major revision of HTML (html is the predominant language used to create web pages) and is not officially finalised as of yet (expect this to happen in 2012).

The exciting thing about HTML5 is it will reduce the need for plug-ins such as Adobe Flash player or Microsoft Silverlight. This will allow for video or audio content to be embedded into a web page natively, as long as the web browser supports HTML5. Not only that but HTML5 will also support the animation of graphical elements (which is one of the reasons why Mr Jobs is pushing HTML5 so hard on the iPhone/iPad at the expense of Flash).

Obviously a lot more than just the above is different but this mainly relates to how a web page is built with lots of improvements in the way a web page is constructed.

So should HTML5 be used now? This is not straightforward to answer as the spec isn’t finished and is likely to change. However elements such as the use of video or audio can be used now which will allow for these elements to play on mobile devices which support HTML5.

In addition Apple have recently announced the iAd mobile advertising platform which is HTML5 based an allows the use of adverts within iPhone/iPod/iPad applications.

It certainly looks like HTML5 is going to explode onto the scene and will profoundly change the way in which websites are developed.

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  1. May 15th, 2010 | Bradly Kho says:

    I am sure that i will come back to your blog soon. Keep us posting interesting articles

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