Carbon Reporting and Management Systems Worldwide

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East Sussex Design are proud to unveil our latest cms web design project – Carbon Reporting and Management Systems Worldwide 

Carbon Reporting and Measurement Systems Worldwide provides advanced emissions inventory compilation for internal, regulatory and public body disclosure, calculating carbon dioxide, total greenhouse gas (ghg), and specific air, land and water emissions and chemical impacts. Carbon Reporting and Measurement Systems Worldwide will provide your board, management and sustainability teams with the tools, knowledge and power to understand sustainability issues, cost and value in a resource constrained world. We make sustainability management affordable for any business

App Design and Development Service

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app development

We will shortly be offering mobile and tablet APP development for Apple iPhones, Apple iPod touch, Apple iPad and Android phones and tablets. Please contact us for more information.

HTML5 Video

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We are proud to offer support for the new html5 video standard.

We offer site builds that support a full range of video formats including support for html5. This allows for video to be played within a supporting browser without relying upon the Adobe Flash plug-in.

Not all browsers fully support html5 (most notably internet explorer but support has been promised for the upcoming  internet explorer 9) and those that do support different video codecs. To combat this any video services offered by East Sussex Design will automatically detect the correct codec or fall back to Flash if a browser without support is detected allowing for a seamless user experience for your site visitors.

Current browser support is as follow:

VIDEO           Flash   H.264   Ogg Theora
                .flv     .m4v      .ogv
Firefox 3.6      -          -        X
Safari 4.0       -          X        -
Chrome 4.0       -          X        X
Other (Flash)    X          X        -
Flash is supported on all the above browsers but requires a plug-in.

Please contact us for details.

The Value of Video

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Video is a media element that often gets overlooked when planning a new website build. This is partially due to the fact that creating a professional looking video, which shows a website off to its best, is often considered a dark alchemy that costs huge amounts of money not only to produce, but also to deploy. Whilst this may have been true in the past it is no longer the case.

It is possible to produce professional looking footage with the correct lighting and a relatively cheap video camera. Add in other elements such as music, static images or a Power Point presentation and it can soon turn into something exciting.

An informative video can quickly give the end user as much information in a couple of minutes that would normally take 8 or more web pages of text. Combine that with the fact that with video on your website, you’re 53 times more likely to have your site appear on page one of Google (this is according to Forrester Research).

Not only can video help get your message across but it also becomes an essential search engine optimisation weapon for your toolbox.

It seems like a win-win situation to me.

Here at East Sussex Design we can offer full support for your video needs. Contact us for more information.


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When attempting to get a good search engine results page (SERP) there are two techniques which are widely used:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages so I thought I would put together a brief overview.

HTML5 website Design

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we now offer html5 website designEast Sussex Design is happy to announce that we are now offering a HTML5 website design service. If you would like your website to be built using the new and soon to be ratified HTML5 standard then you simply need to mention this when requesting a quote.

HTML5 website design for the same price!

The good news is that will not be charging any extra for you to have your site built using HTML5. We will build a standard website with full HTML5 and CSS3 support for exactly the same price that we charge for a standard HTML4 or XHTML website.

If you want any extras such as taking advantage of some of the advanced iPad features then we will happily quote for that as well.

We also offer a HTML5 conversion service for anyone who would like a current website brought up to the latest standard. Contact us for more information

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